Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crossdresser Getaway

Wouldn't you like to get away from it all?  Do you want a chance to be en femme all day or all weekend?  Well you can do it at one of MANY gatherings across the country. 

Of course there are Tri Ess monthly support groups and other groups that get together.  I was sad to see the DFW Metro CD Group disbanded.  I guess there are not as many of us as I thought....or they are so deep in the closet they cannot come out.

So here is a list of four getaway places you can go to.  Do some searching online and I am sure you will find more.  When you search, make sure you search for an detailed term such as crossdresser getaway.  If you just search for "crossdresser", all you will get is porn.  And if your significant other is searching, that is some good advice.  When your wife is trying to figure you out (when you are trying to figure you out), you don't want her to only see porn.

Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, PA

Southern Comfort in Atlanta, GA

Be-All in Chicago, IL

Dignity Cruises in....well, the ocean

I hope this helps you get the courage to take that step outside your front door in those really cute heels.  Hear the clicking on the walkway, fell the swish of your dress, your hair tickling your neck, and that confident smile in those pout red lips.


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  1. Here is another one in Washington state in May.